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Do you constantly feel overwhelmed by your emotions? Are you ready to finally experience peace from your past? Are you looking to share your story and be met with compassion?

If you are ready to create a more loving relationship with yourself and make concrete changes in your life, we would love to work with you. Through therapy at East Atlanta Counseling Services, you can expect to have healthier relationships with yourself and others and find relief from symptoms of anxiety, depression, emotion dysregulation and trauma.

We believe that every person has the ability to heal. We would be honored to work alongside you in your healing process.

**PLEASE NOTE: Cat is currently on Maternity Leave until late October. She will not respond to messages or requests for appointments until October. She looks forward to speaking with you then!

“But this revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime.”
— Tara Brach



dialectical behavior therapy

Dialectical means that life isn’t always black and white. More often, we find wisdom is somewhere in the middle — somewhere in the gray between two extremes. DBT teaches skills to concretely change behaviors and learn to cope with out of control emotions. It also helps us create balance so we can see ourselves not as perfect or as failures; we learn to accept our imperfections and find we are “good enough.”


eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

EMDR is that it is a type of therapy that processes and heals traumatic memories. When a traumatic event happens to a person, their brains and bodies change physiologically. These changes then cause the person to feel constantly on high alert to avoid reminders of the painful event, and often they re-experience the event as if it just happened. EMDR allows us to heal and put the past where it belongs — in the past.